Wear Red Day reminds women of heart disease warning signs


The hospital and American Heart Association held an event to teach the staff and patients about heart disease, especially in women.

According to the AHA, cardiovascular disease is the number one killer among all Americans, and specifically among women.

The annual Go Red for Women Luncheon in Mankato is coming up.

“There are important differences in women’s hearts that are irrefutable and still poorly understood”, says Dr. Karin Humphries, scientific director of the B.C. Centre for Improved Cardiovascular Health.

“I’m more empowered to teach women about it than I was even before”, Davidson said. She’s seen me get married, have two attractive children, and continues to root for me as only a mother can. SCAD, Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection, is a very rare, acute heart attack which strikes mostly young, healthy women who have just given birth.

After open-heart surgery, her heart problems returned later in life.

Now, it’s something she continues to fight. “For the a year ago, my hemoglobin was borderline and that’s what’s kept me anxious all this time”, said Ren.

He’s been by her side the whole way. I’m doomed. You can dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease by making lifestyle changes.

Do you know what causes heart disease in women?

Glenwood and the American Heart Association will be celebrating all month.

Norris, 49, has endured a congenital heart defect (at birth), mitral valve prolapse, two strokes two heart attacks, congestive heart failure, a pacemaker and defibrillator and other medical issues.

“Women usually are the backbones of the family and take care of children”, Zeglin said.

“They said, ‘We had to pull in a lot of expertise and we made a bunch of calls around, ‘” she said.

“Try and control it by watching your portion size, exercise, diet, know your numbers”, Kerr said.


Nationally, Macy’s has sold more than 150,000 pins and has raised more than $65 million since 2004, said Torres. Once you know that, in a way, it’s nearly like the deck is stacked a little against you.

Go Red for Women Day: Heart disease awareness