U’s Murphy has more than hoops in mind


The deployment of more ships, aircraft and troops to Puerto Rico followed criticism of the adequacy of the USA response thus far and DoD’s acknowledgment that poor communications may have affected initial assessments on the scope of the disaster.

A week after Hurricane Maria made landfall, the Department of Homeland Security has not issued a similar waiver for Puerto Rico, despite devastating damage to the island.

It’s been a stressful few weeks for P.E.I. resident Luis Roman, who had to watch as his native Puerto Rico was ravaged by both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. “My corazón breaks for them”, Silva said.

The president was also to be briefed later in the day on the administration’s hurricane recovery efforts. Half of the country is without water and only 20 percent of Puerto Rico’s cell towers work.

“We’re dramatically increasing the federal footprint that’s there”, Long said, speaking outside the White House.

If you have supplies you’d like to donate, but don’t know of a drive in your local area, visit the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster to donate. The mayor said some have been without food and water since Hurricane Irma clipped the island, two weeks before Maria.

The latest aid to be sent from Wisconsin to Puerto Rico is in the form of highly trained technicians from Kohler Co.

“The American Red Cross is there no matter what to make sure people are taken care of in a humanitarian way”, she said. “I’ve done this type of relief effort before in other countries, it’s really great to do it for my country”, Vazquez said.

Rodriguez says the conditions in the San Juan airport are unimaginable.

“When we call for help, we’re not calling for “give me a little bit more food” help we’re calling for “give a baby some water” help”, she said. Jose Ayala, vice president of Puerto Rico services at Crowley, a Jacksonville, FL-based ship operator, said that the company is attempting to gather truckers together to get the goods out.

President Donald Trump is considering waiving a law prohibiting foreign ships from delivering fuel from US ports to Puerto Rico while the island recovers from Hurricane Maria, CBS News reports.


Cox, who moved from Puerto Rico to OR 12 years ago, goes back to visit at least once a year.

A woman checks her cellphone next to a road at night in one of the few places with cell signal access in San Juan Puerto Rico on Sept. 25 2017