Trump contacts Jerry Jones on protests: ‘Players will stand’


Following a weekend of kneeling and protesting across the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys and their owner displayed their own version of unity on Monday by kneeling on the field before rising as a group ahead of the playing of the national anthem.

Numerous teams have been kneeling or locking arms before games after Trump sparked anger by saying protesting players are disrespecting the United States flag and should even be fired.

Before a game in Arizona, the Dallas Cowboys briefly kneeled before the national anthem.

On Monday, after the Cowboys knelt, the stadium crowd booed loudly, prompting a Tweet from Trump in response to the protest.

He added that fans booing when the Cowboys took a knee on Monday night “was loudest I have ever heard”.

President Donald Trump offered a simple solution to the National Football League as it deals with an upswell of National Anthem protests by professional football players-set a rule prohibiting kneeling during the National Anthem. It also follows Trump’s “sons of b*****s” comment, which he used to describe players such as Kaepernick who were peacefully protesting.

Ryan, a Wisconsinite, is a shareholder for the Green Bay Packers, a team that linked arms during the national anthem and three players Saturday. Some polls, however, found that the protests during the national anthem were a primary factor in declining viewership. “We owe our government not just our taxes, but we owe them our respect and our prayers”, Jeffress said.

“I do think there was really good intensity and a really good look in the eyes of our players”, Garrett said. Everybody speaks and, you know, they say what they want to say, but we’re not going to sit here and pinpoint that moment in our lives and sit here and make it about the president. “Trump can’t divide this”, said Bryant.

Regardless, Trump continues to beat the drum against the National Football League; it’s a concept of America-first-and-America-only patriotism that plays well for his base.

CBS Corp said overall viewership of games it broadcast on Sunday was up 4 percent from past year and 1 percent from last week.

“I am deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments made by the President on Friday …”


Colin Kaepernick, a former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, started the form of protest a year ago as a means to draw attention to unarmed black people being killed by the police and other oppression of minorities.

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