Trump calls 100-day assessment “ridiculous”


Trump’s hits the 100-day mark at the end of the next week. It doesn’t matter now and it’s a media creation now because the report cards on Trump’s first 100 days aren’t so rosy. He even broke a few of them, including a repeated vow to call out China for being a so-called currency manipulator.

He expressly said that that the 2016 election was a referendum on his 100-day plan! He feels the need to say, “I’m the best; we’ve had the best 100 days ever”. Seeing no further opportunities to push for healthcare or immigration reform this early into his presidency, Trump shifted to battling ISIS, a terrorist organization that for years has been growing in power (with the United States as a primary target) as the United States has not taken any serious measures to defend ourselves against it. During President Trump’s first full week in the White House, refugees from the six restricted countries totaled 34 percent of all refugees then seeking admission to the United States. It’s a tendency that consistently lands him in trouble with history, either recent or long ago, and has been on display as he approaches his 100th day in office.

The president said Thursday that Republicans will have a health care solution “soon” but could not commit to having it done by the 100 day mark. However, saying the “media will kill” appears to be a new piece of rhetoric for the president. President Bill Clinton, the next-lowest ranked, had an average approval rating of 55 percent for that time period, while Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush enjoyed first-quarter ratings of 63 percent and 58 percent, respectively. “And we are going to do a study on it, a very serious problem”, Trump told the magazine.

White House staff have been quietly nervous that heads might roll after 100 days, with a staff shake-up possible if Trump doesn’t see some major victories soon.

In fairness to Trump, 100 days is a very difficult benchmark It was hard when early 20th century Presidents tried to meet it, and its even more difficult in the acrimonious partisan atmosphere that now pervades Washington.

“It’s time for us to undertake all actions we can, short of a military option, to try to resolve this peacefully”, said U.S. National Security Advisor Herbert Raymond McMaster on a TV show on Sunday.

But on matters outside Trump’s direct control, he has struggled to make forward progress in the quagmire of Washington.

“Now [President Trump’s] so caught up, the administration is so caught up in turmoil, perceived chaos, that the Democrats smell blood, the protesters, the media smell blood”, said Ruddy.

Gallup also noted that no president before Trump started their term with an approval rating below 50 percent.


The poll, carried out from April 12 to 18 among 1,062 voters, found that 56 percent disapproved of Trump.

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