Trump begins talks with Democrats about congressional help for DACA


She was scheduled to appear Monday afternoon in Sacramento for a similar event. They also called for Pelosi and her colleagues to work to pass legislation protecting not just Dreamers who stand to benefit from DACA, but all undocumented immigrants now living in the United States.

The presidency of Donald Trump so far has been, to say the least, unpredictable.

A hilarious scene unfolded when Nancy Pelosi was met by angry illegal immigrants outraged that she is working with President Donald Trump to protect them.

She then noted, “Democrats created an out-of-control deportation machine and handed it over to Trump!”

Schumer, D-N.Y., inadvertently shared his impression of the duo’s Wednesday parley with Trump, which moved an immigration agreement forward, catching uninvited Republican leaders flat-footed. He said Trump’s focus on protecting the Mexican border is already threatening cuts in programs for the poor. On top of this makeshift and probably brief alliance, Pelosi and Schumer may be able to show up to the midterms touting the DREAM Act as the most progressive immigration policy change since the 1980s, despite having minorities in Congress and losing the White House.

On Thursday night, Schumer and Pelosi released a joint statement about their meeting with Trump, saying, “We agreed to enshrine the protections of DACA into law quickly, and to work out a package of border security, excluding the wall, that’s acceptable to both sides”.

“We told him no wall and he said I understand that”, Pelosi said.

“A lot of that isn’t entirely fair either, the way she’s been painted by the Republicans”.

At the earlier rally in Pelosi’s home district, San Francisco, there were protesters angry at attempts by Democratic lawmakers to bargain with President Trump, and they took over the rally.

“I know some people think this hurts the cause of undocumented folks, but undocumented people will always be scapegoated”, Luis Serrano, one of the group’s organizers, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “But when they interrupt again, she says ‘Just stop it now!’” Outside, fellow Congressman Jared Huffman explained that democrats are addressing the issue of immigration piece by piece. Given their distance from the president, he usually succeeded in shouting them down or U.S. Secret Service escorted them from the room.

The protesters were identified as members of the local chapters of RISE, Faith in Action and the California Youth Immigrant Justice Alliance, according to Pelosi aides.

“There isn’t an agreement and if we don’t fix the problems we have with border security and enforcement and we would only fix DACA, we’re going to have another DACA problem a decade from now”, Ryan said at an afternoon news conference. She said Democrats shouldn’t fritter that away by fighting for broader reforms that are likely unattainable.


Instead Cuomo, whose supporters are urging him to run for president in 2020, said Democrats should negotiate to improve DACA if there is to be any deal with Trump.

Pelosi pushes back at immigration protesters who heckled her