The Walking Dead Review: “Say Yes”


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In other words, things are getting real on “The Walking Dead”. From a purely mechanical standpoint, some important groundwork is laid for future episodes. Her interactions and bargaining with Rick are too weird not to enjoy. His plea of “Just a little more time” to Michonne, coercing her to stay out on the road with him, was both endearing and obviously ill-considered, like a horror character saying without irony, “I’ll be right back”.

The crowd laughs when they learn that she has a crush on Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan). The two continued to bicker back and forth like an old married couple like they usually do, until Jadis offered some sympathy to Rick and his group, allowing them to have 20 guns.

First, the death hints towards Sasha as she secretly plots her revenge on Negan.

To a certain extent, both Rick and Michonne are fatalistic about their chances of survival. Rick unwisely climbs the Ferris wheel to shoot that deer he promised for Michonne and ends up on the ground, cornered by a gang of undead.

We’ve been trained to anticipate the worst when our heroes fall through a roof into a mysterious building or get trapped in a tight space surrounded by walkers, and thanks to Nicotero’s direction and Matt Negrete’s creative script, the episode subverts our expectations at every turn. Candlelight. Chili and mac-n-cheese MREs. Michonne sees Rick get overwhelmed by walkers, but by the time she gets to his position, she sees the walkers chowing down on something and assumes it is Rick. The only problem? All those guns are attached to zombie soldiers, long dead after some kind of violent standoff. Seeing that from Michonne, of all people, is scary.

The majority of Say Yes is focused on Rick and Michonne, following them as they spend some time away from Alexandria on the hunt for the guns they owe the Scavengers and food they badly need for themselves (and the Saviours).

But for the purposes of the narrative, it doesn’t really matter whether the audience believes Rick has actually been killed-it matters that Michonne believes it. The couple that slays together….

“People always ask, ‘What makes this a great show?’ and I think a big component of it is there are no – sure, Andy [Andrew Lincoln], Norman [Reedus] and Melissa [McBride] are the stars of the show – but ask any of them, they’d say this is an ensemble and a collaboration”. Hopefully, those will continue to give you a sense of hope that Rick Grimes and company can overcome Negan’s oppression. A moment to pause a gripping, boiling narrative and and see if we couldn’t wring out a fully fleshed, loving relationship. Don’t get me wrong; Rick and Michonne are two of the most likable characters in the entire series, and on the whole, I prefer them happy and alive to unhappy or dead.

Rick then tells Michonne that they are going to lose people in this fight, maybe even each other. Michonne, finished with her eight, rushes over to help her fallen mate.

After Rick’s talk with Jadis signals more delays in attacking Negan and the Saviors, Rosita takes matters into her own hands. She wants at least twice the amount of guns. Joking that Judith doesn’t look anything like Rick; but Rick does feel that Judith is Shane Walsh’s (Jon Bernthal) daughter and not his. No one knows exactly how things are going to play out but risks have been taken and will likely have consequences.

Consider this one carnival we’re not itching to go visit.


The question is: being in a relationship during the apocalypse, is it s hindrance or a good thing? (How many body parts do you need to yank off a walker before you consider smashing the windshield instead?) Their plan goes downhill in absurd fashion: the vehicle brakes don’t work, a zombie trips the trigger of its gun, sending bullets flying; Michonne takes cover in the auto trunk. Just one example of some of the light-hearted banter I enjoyed between Rick and Michonne tonight. Chris also clears up that it was a walker who got stuck and it was an accidental shooting. She picks a massive gun with a scope from the weapons haul and presents it to Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), promising to let her take the fatal shot.

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