Super Bowl LII: Patriots cut deficit to 15


Except not in Super Bowl LII. The Eagles won 41-33. However, a late fumble proved to be the game-changer that the Patriots couldn’t recover from this time. Toward the end of the first half, the Eagles faced a fourth and goal at the 1-yard line and went for it. Although no player has had a huge year individually, the Eagles have a ideal group of running backs to hurt the Patriots on Sunday.

Butler’s future is up in the air in New England. That title belongs to New England’s Tom Brady.

Not only do the Eagles have elite talent, but they have two things that are required to beat Brady. The play might feel extra sweet for the Eagles, too, as the Patriots had run the same concept against them for a big gain back in 2015. There’s 14:09 remaining in regulation.

The Eagles were 10-for-16 on third down and 2-for-2 on fourth down.

It’s a one possession game once again.

Jeffery finished with three catches for 73 yards, including a touchdown – all in the first half.

Burton then threw a pass to a wide-open Foles to put the Eagles ahead 22-12 at halftime. But the play looked similar to the touchdown by Steelers tight end Jesse James that was overturned in a regular-season loss to the Patriots, so there was no certainty about the result of the review. He answered his critics by completing 77.8 percent of his passes for 598 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions while leading the Eagles to victories over the Atlanta Falcons and the Minnesota Vikings to reach the Super Bowl. Earlier, the Eagles’ Jake Elliott missed and the Eagles failed on a 2-point conversion. The Patriots had 613 and the Eagles 538. After a wild first half, the teams took turns with touchdown punches.

New England somehow lost despite never punting or turning the ball over. That could be a problem for the Patriots, who are weak up the middle of the defensive line and don’t have the best set of linebackers.

Foles got plenty of help with his running attack.

The Eagles extended their lead to 15-3 on LaGarrette Blount’s 21-yard touchdown run.

Eagles defense make another impressive red zone stop. Gostkowski comes out for the field goal try.

Super Bowl LII is poised for at least one other NFL record with a forecast temperature at kickoff of one degree below Celsius in Minneapolis on Sunday (NZT Monday) making it the coldest American football decider in history.

Patriots get the chance to respond with their own opening drive. Brady threw a 4-yard touchdown to Gronkowski. New England had a bad snap cost them a field goal. Eagles lead Patriots 3-0 in the first quarter. Stephen Gostowski missed the PAT kick. Meantime, Foles snuck into the flat where Burton found the “pocket quarterback” for Foles’ first-ever reception, a one-yard touchdown in his first Super Bowl.

Eagles call tails, lose the coin toss to Patriots.


The Patriots seemed ready to take their sixth championship with Brady and coach Bill Belichick in eight Super Bowls.

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