Republicans on Obamacare repeal: ‘We’re going to get it done’


“My hope is that Democrats will quit gloating at our inability to get it done on a party-line basis and join us in fixing” Obama’s law, Cornyn said. As Republicans talked about a GOP bill, just last night their leader in the White House was tweeting about eventually working with Democrats.

Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday he’s going to give battered House Republicans another crack at a health care overhaul.

Trump himself isn’t giving up.

The White House is so troubled by the failure of outside groups to promote the health care plan backed by President Donald Trump that a senior aide is being dispatched to rectify the situation.

But House Republicans chose a different path. The math is the same. “I want to thank the President and the Speaker, they went all out to pass a repeal and replacement. I think that mood exists today”.

“The opposition was very well-organized”, said Republican strategist Alex Conant.

“We’re mending our wounds right now”, Rep. Chris Collins, a Republican from NY told reporters Tuesday.

Say the word “bipartisan” and hopeful hearts go aflutter. “At the same time, after last week, it’s hard to see how the entire conference can find a unified position”.

“We stood up for what we thought was a bad bill”, he said. However, the divisions over this bill within the Republican party, specifically between the members of the Freedom Caucus and the broader party, prevented the AHCA from getting out of the House.

As noted, a tax cut tied to health care is part of good health reform. The last time Democrats headed down that Radical Road and nominated George McGovern, they lost 49 states. “Now they’re calling him”, the official said. Moderate Republicans in both chambers are still anxious about ensuring that health care stays affordable for their lower-income constituents, and want to preserve Medicaid, which is popular even in states Donald Trump won. “Yes”, he told reporters.

‘Are we actively planning an immediate strategy? That legislation failed in the House last week but Ryan says it’s more suitable since it addresses the organization’s eligibility for Medicaid reimbursements.

In fact, he said, the Republican Party is “closer to repealing Obamacare than we ever have been before”.

Ryan vowed members would continue working although he didn’t offer any specific timeline. And I told Bill, I said, “Bill, here’s the thing: you want to get four or five Republicans, I’ll get four or five Democrats and we’ll all sit down, ‘” Manchin said the day before the House pulled the GOP health care measure. The drawdowns were meant to cover the costs of emergency spending for the remaining months of fiscal year 2017, which ends September 30, as outlined in a March 16 letter from Trump to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

What’s more, would rank-and-file Republican voters be OK with it? Those who would have voted yes wish they could have gotten their colleagues there too. Cooperation between Congress and the White House could easily solve this problem, but Republicans would have to agree to bolster an element of a law they have for years hysterically condemned.

“Coming out of that conference I have more confidence that we will get it done”, McCarthy said.

“I think we have plenty of time”.

“We think reconciliation is the tool because that gets it in law”, Ryan said.

The House Republican whip, Steve Scalise of Louisiana, said of Democrats, “Their celebration is premature”.

Despite the lack of clarity or consensus, and offering no details or schedule, Ryan told reporters that Congress needed to act quickly based on insurers’ timetables for developing premiums and benefit packages for 2018, a process that is supposed to start soon.

Paul Ryan, who was chairman of the House Budget Committee before he became speaker in 2015, has long advocated for cutting programs that help Americans in need. “If you don’t have the votes, you don’t have the votes”.


President Trump should read the tax reform speech Ronald Reagan delivered from the Oval Office on May 28, 1985. Mr. Spicer said, describing the test moving forward. Then, maybe we could talk, not about Obamacare or Trump Care, but American health care.

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