President Trump Coming to Hawaiʻi in November


What actions should the Trump administration take towards North Korea?

In an effort to check the rising nuclear threat from rogue nation North Korea, the president of the United States will be visiting 5 countries in Asia in November 2017.

The North Korean government is not operating in a vacuum. Police could not be reached for comment.

“I think there’s a 10 percent chance the wheels really come off and we have a full-on war on the Korean Peninsula, which would include nuclear use”, Stavridis told an audience at a panel on world affairs at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perry World House.

“It should be no surprise that cryptocurrencies, as an emerging asset class, are becoming a target of interest by a regime that operates in many ways like a criminal enterprise”, it said.

About 4.7 million devout “students and workers” – including over a million women – have “volunteered” to join the military amid looming conflict with its neighbors and the USA, state-run Korean Central News Agency said Thursday.

During his short time in office Moon has repeatedly attempted to stage talks with North Korea over diplomatic rapprochement and economic cooperation, but Pyongyang has refused to talk to South Korea, which it officially regards as an illegitimate state. Trump’s strategy for North Korea should involve more calm resolve, less incendiary tough talk.

North Korea shot down a US spy plane in 1969 under similar circumstances, but Richard Nixon chose to do nothing at that time. The president’s statement was criticized in the corporate media for its bellicose and aggressive nature-but as with numerous president’s actions, it was the tone and not the substance that was so offensive to the nation’s news providers. Vox’s Alex Ward (9/20/17) described Trump’s remarks as “belligerent rhetoric”. Trump’s threat of “fire and fury” was met with Kim’s “ashes and darkness” warning.

It will be up to the two nations to decide what is right for them, she noted, but “we should be the ones protecting that region”. Trump said he was looking forward to his Beijing visit, adding he believed it would be “very successful”.

“It is the most important task facing the nation to remove the war system which inflicted pains on the fellow countrymen while being in force for decades, and to build lasting peace mechanism”, it said.

The US has long pressed India to “look east”, particularly during the Barack Obama- Hillary Clinton years, but the American political and strategic lexicon now clearly extends Washington’s Asia policy as far as India, locating it in the Pacific sphere rather than restricting it to South Asia.

A report by the British Royal Institute for United Services confirmed Britain’s readiness for a real possibility of war between the United States and North Korea.


He also cautioned the U.S. president against tearing up the Iran nuclear deal, arguing that it would hardly send a message to Pyongyang that it was worth signing nuclear disarmament agreements if they were likely to be torn up by a future president.

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