Pelosi confident of her caucus’ support


But this was the year Republican candidates had to deal with the Trump albatross, and this was a district that Donald Trump won by only 1.5 percentage points.

But Pelosi mocked the President, saying it was “the first tweet he didn’t actually write” because it sounded like a statement many other Republicans have made recently. They pick people who are in safe and tough districts for Democrats to win. “He’s just not one of us”, one Republican ad concluded. They argued that the Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff’s loss in the Republican held House seat in the Atlanta suburbs was further evidence that the party needed both a new message and messenger. But they had these handsome studios, and if Karen Handel had lost, they would have blamed it on me, which is fine.

With the president’s approval numbers hovering below 40 percent, should the Democrats be anxious about their losing streak in what could be considered an election year’s pre-season? Ryan added, “I don’t think it’s fair”.

Tuesday was a triumphant night for Republicans, winning 4 of 5 special elections, including the most expensive House race in US history.

Crowley chairs the House Democratic Caucus, and he says it’s important to remember that Democrats in those four races were trying to flip Republican strongholds, districts handpicked by the White House as President Trump tapped members of Congress to serve in his administration. All this will be at least partially resolved in November, when New Jersey and Virginia hold gubernatorial and state legislative contests.

“A huge win for Karen Handel, a great win for President Trump and a momentum win for the Georgia Republican Party”, said recently elected Georgia GOP chairman John Watson. Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice from NY told CNN that it’s time for the Democrats to let her and the entire Democratic leadership team go. I remain very skeptical. Record money was poured into his campaign, most of which came from outside the district. The problem is there’s simply no way to test whether a fresh face would take some time to demonize.

“Republicans blew through millions to keep a ruby-red seat, and in their desperate rush to stop the hemorrhaging, they’ve returned to demonizing the party’s strongest fund-raiser and consensus builder”, Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, told The New York Times. And it may not be.

Despite all the anti-Trump demonstrations, the president’s bad poll numbers, extended anxiety over health care and complications over Russian Federation, the GOP held home turf.

At any rate, it’s likely to be, if anything, a very short-term effect.


The Georgia race claimed national headlines of late.

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