NY joins US Climate Alliance fighting climate change


After two days of clarifying its stance, the Trump administration has made one thing perfectly clear: It is withdrawing from the Paris climate accord unless the deal is changed to the United States’ advantage. “Today’s report on our climate emissions reductions is yet another proof point that protecting the environment and growing jobs go hand in hand”. This group is now working on the creation of “America’s Pledge”, an unprecedented effort to aggregate carbon reductions by cities, regions and businesses to ensure that the United States achieves its Paris Agreement pledge.

Multiple countries have also said that the underlying language of the deal won’t change no matter what the White House does.

Trump announced in a Rose Garden speech in June that the Paris agreement – under which almost 200 nations pledged voluntary targets to cut planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions and to support poor countries grappling with rising global temperatures – was bad for the US economy. But companies still face many barriers and will require the support of national governments to increase their purchasing of renewable energy in global markets in the first place.

Sticking to the Paris Agreement global warming target of 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2100 is still possible – if emission reduction pledges are strengthened, scientists say.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo joined the Democratic governors of California and Washington Wednesday to harshly criticize the Trump administration on climate change policies.

The landmark agreement, which entered into force last November, calls on countries to combat climate change and to accelerate and intensify the actions and investments needed for a sustainable low carbon future, and to adapt to the increasing impacts of climate change.

“While the objectives and goals of the United Nations are timeless, the structures and system we have today was cobbled together over years, and it is time for change”.

Actually, the coalition’s growth – and particularly its economic progress – is less an egg in the Climate Change Denier in Chief’s face than a three-yolk omelet.

Businesses’ ability to drive climate action is not just an American opportunity.

According to the expert, this might lead to other countries feeling less pressure to increase their commitments. “Despite the federal government’s reckless neglect of our environment, NY and the other U.S. Climate Alliance members are calling on other states to join us in this challenge to adopt aggressive policies to combat climate change”.

Prof Myles Allen at Oxford University, who was part of the team that produced the new analysis of the 1.5C goal, said they used several methods to make a fresh estimate of the necessary carbon budget, including updating measurements of the emissions and warming that have already occurred.

Over the weekend, a confusing back-and-forth between the White House and the Wall Street Journal briefly reignited hopes that the U.S. would remain an active participant in the Paris Climate Agreement. The rest of the nation has trimmed emissions by 10 percent, according to Rhodium Group research cited in the report.

Still, the foreign governments and business leaders are looking for clarity on how the Trump administration intends to engage with the worldwide community on what is clearly a global challenge. The president’s refusal to accept the basic science behind climate change drew renewed criticism this month after back-to-back hurricanes ― which scientists say were made worse by warming oceans ― wreaked havoc across Texas, Florida and USA territories in the Caribbean.


This makes it seem that when it comes to tackling human-induced climate change, all Trump has achieved is to make the USA the world’s sole rogue state.

Victoria University's Professor David Frame says sticking to 1.5C global warming by 2100 is possible- but will