McDonald’s deletes anti-Trump tweet, says account was hacked


The tweet, which McDonald’s has since deleted and said was a result of a “compromised” account, must have stung the president, who has made his love for the fast-food industry known for decades. Trump supporters, meanwhile, responded with hashtags threatening to #BoycottMcDonalds.

McDonald’s said its account was hacked and it’s still investigating the incident.

McDonald’s Corporation was quick to remove the anti-Trump Tweet from its Twitter account. One hour after the tweet was sent, @McDonaldsCorp said the account is now secure and an investigation is underway.

Others joked that it may have been a Russian hack, while some maintained that regardless of their views they would not be inclined to change.

Trump, a prolific Twitter user, has not yet commented on the controversy.

“Never eating at McDonalds again”, tweeted one Trump supporter. Eastern Time and was taken down about 20 minutes later.

“There are just so many ways, if you’re not careful, for an adversary to have access to your social media accounts”, said Michael Bailey, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of IL at Urbana-Champaign.

There is no company in the world more experienced at mass producing beef than McDonald’s.

Twitter accounts are soft targets because of the large following they gather.

Trump posted an Instagram picture of himself eating McDonald’s french fries on his jet past year during the presidential campaign.

Sometimes rage for Donald Trump is so hard to contain that it just spills out all over Twitter.

People on Twitter are also pointing out that McDonald’s public relations chief is Robert Gibbs, a former press secretary and adviser in the Obama administration.


High-profile Twitter accounts were hijacked on Wednesday to send anti-Nazi messages in Turkish in the midst of a diplomatic spat between Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany.

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