Kim Jong-nam murder


It has has not directly blamed North Korea for the attack, but there is widespread suspicion Pyongyang was responsible. The entrance is secured by two big steel padlocks.

But more than two weeks after the incident, Kim Jong Nam’s family members have yet to come forward. Malaysia said it asked him to apologize for the accusation but that he had not done so.

Exchanges between Malaysia and the DPRK had been quite common up until then. The tourism office lists 12 “accredited” travel agencies on its website. His corpse remains at a hospital morgue in Kuala Lumpur. Just $5 a month.

“I doubt Malaysia has much to lose, but balancing between a show of sovereignty and an avoidance of an excessive reaction is how one would manage a situation like this”, the deputy director of Singapore’s ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute told Malay Mail Online today. An employee at Z.G. Officials never said why they arrested him.

“It is highly possible that North Korea’s latest missile tests are not only meant to serve as a response to joint military drills conducted by the United States and South Korea, but are also aimed at diverting attention away from the investigation of Kim Jong-nam’s murder”, the analyst said.

It is not clear how widely known Kim’s fate is at home, but on Thursday South Korean activists said they will send millions of leaflets about his murder across the border by balloon. Basically, Malaysians have received the same, tightly controlled look at the DPRK as the rest of the world.

“The business deals do not count for much for Malaysia”.

Speaking to reporters outside the North Korean embassy in Beijing, Ri Jong Chol, a North Korean, accused the Malaysian government on Saturday of using coercion to extract information from him in detention.

“We will act firmly to guarantee the safety of the people”.

Kang departed in a black chauffeured Jaguar – the North Korean flag which denotes an ambassador now removed from its bonnet. In no way should the government allow foreigners to do anything they desire in this country. “As long as a person is inside any premise of any embassy, we have to follow the rules of the diplomatic procedures”.

On Saturday, Malaysia’s foreign ministry informed North Korean Ambassador Kang Chol he has 48 hours to leave the country, according to The Star.

Over the weekend, Putrajaya declared that North Korean Ambassador Kang Chol was now persona non grata and has been expelled from the country, a major break in diplomatic relations.


Malaysia has already scrapped its visa-free entry program for North Koreans and condemned the use of the VX nerve agent in the attack, in which two women are suspected of using their bare hands to apply the toxic compound to Kim’s face.

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