It Will Soon Be Much Easier to Get a Nintendo Switch


Nintendo has chose to at least double the production of its March 3-launched Switch hardware in the fiscal year ending March 2018, according to a Wall Street Journal report citing “people briefed on the plans”.

With that, Nintendo aims to sell more than ten million units in a 12-month period to beat the expectations of the analysts.

The launch of the Nintendo Switch recalls the seeming smash-hit Nintendo 3DS, which started strong but fell off in sales nearly immediately.

Nintendo Switch is selling like hotcakes.

Looking at the sales figure of the Nintendo Switch at a couple of countries, 500,000 consoles have already been sold in the United States, while 360,000 units account for the sales numbers in Japan.

Beginning March 22, customers can purchase the console which GameStop has touted as one of its biggest launches in the last several years.

KitGuru Says: I was lucky and managed to grab one of the last Nintendo Switch consoles from NIntendo’s United Kingdom store on launch weekend.

Similarly, Amazon says that the Nintendo Switch stock will be back at Amazon on 31st of the March.

According to NintendoLife and one of its readers, JunkRabbit, switching off the Wi-Fi on the Nintendo Switch caused the frame rate problems to vanish immediately. Theoretically, this would then allow anyone to alter the Nintendo Switch’s system, interface, and other functionalities. It seems as though many fans purchased a Nintendo Switch exclusively for Zelda, as the game has a almost 1:1 sales ratio with the console. That in turn will drive further demand, ensuring that Switch sales remain strong after the early fervor dies down.

The situation is reminiscent of Nintendo’s Wii in 2006, but with the company ramping up production, you should be able to get one at MSRP sooner rather than later.


The Wii U and 3DS games digital manuals were not really great, but they were there on Nintendo and third-party games to look for assistance, if required. Thanks to a chip-level tear-down of the Tegra processor inside of the Nintendo Switch by TechInsights, we now know a lot more about the chip.

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