Huawei teases Mate 10’s facial recognition features with subtle dig at Apple


With its innovative approach and features that outdid any of the trending gadgets of the time, it pleasantly surprised most stakeholders, with many tech experts even terming it a futile attempt. And the issue is, so many customers are going to buy into this.

While the excitement for the new phone will see its fans lining up to get their hands on the iPhone hours before the launch, all retailers will have to sign an agreement that they will start sales only after 6 pm on September 29.

Other Apple devices are also getting better. However, this year has been quite an exception.

The iPhone 8 model starts at $699, while the iPhone X will start at $999, Apple announced last Tuesday.

There are features in the iPhone X I’ll probably miss. Is the Super Retina Display enough to spend $200 more than the 8 Plus?

If a new wireless charging era is to dawn, one where Qi is able to go beyond the bedside table, it will need to do better than past efforts. For safe and efficient wireless charging, a glass panel is introduced on the rear panel. But don’t mistake the iPhone X as just a ploy to prop up prices for a plumper profit. It comes with three core GPU.

In particular, the dual cameras in the iPhone 8 Plus take photos with sharp details in low light. The setup includes a wide-angle lens and a telephone lens with apertures f/1.8 and f/2.4 respectively. The iSight camera can record 4K videos at 60 fps. As expected we did see a new processor, although Apple did change up the name scheme a little. The other uses of the front-facing camera – animated panda emoji, for instance – seem much more important.

The premium pricing strategy reflects Apple’s long-held belief that consumers will pay more for products that are so well designed that they can’t fathom living without them.

“We do not gather customer data when you enroll in Face ID, it stays on your device, we do not send it to the cloud for training data”, he notes. This has aroused suspicion over its functionality.

As in the market, the only supplier of an OLED display is Samsung and Apple is purchasing it from them only.

This new shared video or we can say teaser of company’s upcoming smartphone and idea makes it clear that, the actual aim of the giant is to bring the AI technology into the market so more people can try out their hands-on this technology to ease their digital life right from the phones. You can’t buy it yet, since the iPhone X doesn’t get released until November 3rd.

Just like iPhone X, iPhone 8 too comes in 64GB and 256GB variants.

Verizon is offering 0 back for trading in your iPhone 6s or newer device as well.

An LTE Apple Watch is the ideal exercise companion: You can use it to stream music to your wireless headphones, use apps to track your workout performances, and stay up to date on any information pertinent to you without needing to keep your phone nearby.


Edge-to-edge display: Bezel-less display had been Samsung’s thing for a while, till this year nearly everyone jumped on the bandwagon. However, this decline is usually followed by an extended increase in share performance.

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