Creative and Unique Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Perhaps the most helpful advice I have received as a new parent is to follow my instincts and do what works for my baby and my family. It’s a priceless gem to society when it’s done well. “I have three attractive children and they are each a blessing”.

Mothers lead the next generation of leaders of business, communities and nations. No one else was picked to be the mother of your child. On Mother’s Day, let your mom know how important she has been to you and that she will always be important to you.

Your mom is often so busy taking care of everything that she might often forget to take care of her. I suppose that most of us haven’t even thanked our mother for what she has done for years to make us a “man” from a kid. This mother likes snakes, spiders, frogs, all kinds of creepy crawly insects, ice cream for supper, unmade beds, rooms in disarray, and she could care less if you stay out all night!

Most of all, be sure she knows you appreciate that invaluable measure of herself that she provided to your life. It was the most money I had owned in my life and it felt good to treat mom and dad. You might confide in mom in hopes of a more sympathetic ear. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) made it extra special when he said, “Paradise lies at the feet of the mothers”. She had the craziest laugh ever and people loved her. If you have a phone, or she does, take a selfie with the two of you so she can show it off to her friends. Three years later, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation make Mother’s Day official nationally.

WCPO Insiders can read what different types of Tri-state moms want for Mother’s Day.

“I would get us together as a planet, really thinking about the future of our kids”, she said.

It’s been 23 years since my mother passed away from a heart attack, at that time I was living in Kansas, 900 miles away.


OK, what the heck is a celibate priest doing writing about Mother’s Day? A Mother is always a Mother. And I cherish this most: she, by her own example, taught me how to adapt to change, to loss and to hard situations. If you know she needs to get Mother’s Day cards or gifts for her family and that this may be painful for her, offer to do it for her. And while we all manage our grief differently and are perhaps at different stages of grief, we all share the common denominator that we have lost our mothers and it hurts. But I could do anything, you said that, and you meant that. In some communities, counseling and therapy are looked down upon however we as a community, must put aside those myths and get the necessary mental help that we need to cope and avoid depression.

World celebrates Mother's Day today