Chicago Bears trade up to No. 2 to draft QB Mitchell Trubisky


I think that next season Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen and Josh Allen could all be better selections. Sure not all the picks have panned out but several of them have. “I’m just scratching the surface”. Outside linebacker Leonard Floyd, last year’s ninth overall pick, had seven sacks as a rookie. Offensive lineman Cam Erving is thus far a disappointment. Nick Kwiatkoski and Deiondre Hall (in my eyes) have shown some flashes.

Even though I knew I’d regret it in the morning, I stayed up way past my bedtime and gave it a listen. There will be at least a season for Trubisky to learn the nuances of the National Football League game, as well as the Chicago Bears’ playbook. Chicago defeated Minnesota 20-10. Trubisky said there was a short on-campus workout but that he was not contacted by the Bears at any point afterward. Only time will tell, but it’s encouraging that the young general manager decided on taking a quarterback rather than leaving it up to chance that another top prospect would be around in the second round.

An emotional McKinley brought a framed photo of his grandmother on stage with him.

Go back to the fall when Pace covertly saw Trubisky “multiple times” in person.

Give Pace credit. He had us all duped.

The trade also increases the scrutiny of the Bears’ other major move of the offseason.

Trubisky doesn’t come without warts, however.

The Bears traded the no. 3 pick, a third-round pick (no. 67), a fourth-round pick (no. 111), and a 2018 third-round pick to the 49ers in exchange for the right to move up a single spot. Using the traditional draft pick value chart, this trade comes out virtually even because future picks are valued less.

Those are two expensive QB moves by Houston. That is surely true, because it was the second overall pick. They took Myles Garrett at one, and they proceeded to move down ever since. Make it three if you favored Patrick Mahomes, who went 10th to the Chiefs, or Deshuan Watson who went 12th to Texans after the Browns traded down.

“I don’t know how they could look any worse”, ESPN’s Paul Finebaum said on SportsCenter about Chicago moving up to get Trubisky. It might have been Kansas City. Lynch confirmed the 49ers had other offers. The Bears bet big that they found their guy – despite the odds.

“I didn’t want to sit on our hands and have some team jump us or have it not work out”, Pace said.

But do you think the Bears were unaware of that possibility? The first day of the draft couldn’t have gone better for the rebuilding 49ers as they got two of their top players on their board.


This pick is a risk. “It’s all about helping the Chicago Bears win and that’s what I’m looking forward to most”. But if Trubisky is a star, we will all admit that Pace was right and wear our Trubisky jerseys with pride.

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