Apple Siri Speaker Release Not Expected Next Week


Samsung-owned Harman Kardon meanwhile recently announced the release of an Invoke speaker powered by Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana and integrating Skype for making calls using the device.

The speaker has already headed into production by the Cupertino-based technology giant and could be revealed on the firm’s annual developer’s conference WWDC (Worldwide Developer’s Conference) scheduled to kick off on June 5. Which is pointless given that we are still talking about the sound coming out of a tiny cheap speaker. Therefore, we’ll just have to sit tight and see what happens. There has been one reliable tidbit out there though: Bloomberg reports that Apple plans to show off an “updated user-interface” for iPhones and iPads at WWDC. One thing that’s generally agreed on is that the speaker will feature virtual surround sound for a richer, fuller sound than other devices. It’s also integrated with the product lineup of the company. But that experience falls far short of what a dedicated speaker offers, since it relies on your phone’s speakers and microphone to do the listening and the talking. The speaker is also expected to support AirPlay and the ability to stream content or mirror it to your TV.

The Siri Speaker has been created to compete against the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Also, it could come with features that no other smart speakers have right now.

Now, Google is celebrating the first-year anniversary of its smart speaker, the Google Home. The device, which will take on Amazon Echo and Google Home, will give Siri a physical embodiment within the home.

iCloud Calendars integration means that users will now be able to initiate Alexa voice assistant and ask about the upcoming calendar events.

The company is also reportedly building loud speakers in order to make for a better entertainment set up compared to the competition.


This is it for now, folks. Apple should announce the Siri speaker during the WWDC keynote address, which begins on Monday at 10 a.m. PDT.

Apple May Launch Siri-Powered Smart Speaker Next Month at WWDC