Apple Is Upgrading Location and Photo Privacy Features


Apple’s iOS 11 mobile operating system will not be available for the iPhone 5 and 5C or the iPad 4 when it is released in the autumn.

IOS 11 has brought along a host of new features, some targeted to exclusively elevate iPad experience, and some focused on improving both – the iPhone and iPad. Now, developer preview testers are highlighting new features that they have stumbled upon while using unstable iOS 11.

It’s unfortunate Apple hasn’t yet made a decision to bring the same feature to the iPad for the average user, outside of a classroom.

For the feature to work, both iOS devices need to by physically close to one another – and need to unlocked, 9To5Mac reports.

For this article, I’m confining myself to the iPad – we’ll do another look at iOS 11 on iPhone later. Found under a new feature called “Invert Colors” in the Settings menu, this turns light backgrounds dark but without affecting the images and icons.

This year’s WWDC also included new versions of Mac laptops and iPads.

In iOS 11, swiping doesn’t work anymore. In love photos now you can apply different effects and can pick which key image for each photo. The Files app also contains files from third-party apps such as Dropbox. Gmail users who have been using iOS would know that the Gmail notifications, from the account synced with device, have been coming with a delay for quite some time. On an iPhone, your drop destination is limited to elsewhere in the same app, but on the iPad you can drag an item down to the new universal dock in iOS 11, jump to the app switcher view and switch apps, or hover over an app that’s already open in splitscreen, all while holding on to your original selection. On Reddit, one user said you have to switch to the male Siri voice and back to let the new Siri download. Although this will delete the unused apps, your data and documents will be saved. The new UI of Siri is lot better now as it shows more information in a single page.

Other hardware announced included a new iMac Pro that will be released in December, and substantial updates to the iPad, laptop and desktop ranges. If the password is shared, it will immediately be filled on the iPhone.

Apple has revealed at WWDC 2017 that developers will be able to use the NFC chip in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with their apps. Pretty soon, users will be able to engage in AR-experiences on their iOS 11 running devices because Apple has just rolled out a developers kit for ARKit for them to design apps around the new platform.Aside from that, Apple is also continuing to update its stickers feature with a redesigned app that will definitely make them easier to access.


Another feature that Apple probably didn’t want to make too much of because it’s basically copied from a competitor, iOS 11 now gets the same password-sharing feature that Microsoft introduced with Windows 10.

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