Another Promise Dead: Trump Won’t Back Out of NAFTA


It’s a decision at least one Kansas farmer says is good news for the state. A few key factors set the stage for the tough period dairy producers are facing.

The past 36 hours has certainly done a lot to raise the blood pressure of many farm and commodity organizations.

News of the potential presidential action to withdraw from NAFTA earlier drove the Mexican and Canadian currencies lower. That means dozens of dairy farms in the U.S. will no longer have a milk processor as of May 1.

“Canada, what they’ve done to our dairy farm workers is a disgrace”.

Wisconsin agriculture officials said Grassland cancelled milk contracts with almost 60 farms.

Every minute more than one million dollars in goods cross the Canada-U.S. border. Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. have plants in Mexico and Canada, and many of their vehicles are exported to the United States. It would alsohit US agricultural exports hard.

Trump should want to make sure he preserves and strengthens America’s relationship with Mexico, while opening up the markets in Canada, Vilsack said. One of the biggest producers is Grassland Diary Products, based in Wisconsin.

“So they asked me to renegotiate”.

These products are “the barometer for what’s going on in world markets”. Every year somebody tries to export something into Canada, Canada tries to find a way to undermine those exports from the U.S. This can not continue.

Unpredictability is built into the dairy market, except in Canada.

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board is now encouraging people to intentionally buy Wisconsin dairy products, donate to the Great American Milk Drive, which gives milk vouchers to needy families throughout Wisconsin, and to buy and donate dairy products to food banks as a way to raise demand.

The White House said the phone conversations were “pleasant and productive”. The law Congress passed to enact the trade pact might remain in place, forcing Trump to wrangle with lawmakers and raising questions about the president’s authority to raise tariffs on Mexican and Canadian imports. “We don’t have that”.

Canadian dairy-industry groups and farmers already inside the system have fought to keep this system, but it’s the source of a fair amount of discontent.

U.S. President Donald Trump got exactly what he wanted when he threatened to pull the plug on NAFTA, and that is urgency in starting talks to renegotiate, a timely victory he so sorely needs. Yet, once an agreement is in place and worldwide trade is built around it, unilaterally dropping out of the agreement would do more harm than good. But there’s nothing new about nations adopting policies that favor domestic industries.

Because it’s located outside Wisconsin, Minerva can’t easily have its artisanal butter graded by state inspectors.

– Green Leader Andrew Weaver took Christy Clark to task over the liquefied natural gas promise she made in the last election, saying the industry she envisioned hasn’t materialized. Residents who enjoy Kerrygold Irish butter have sued the state over the change. It is also cheaper and more efficient to ship than raw milk.

The letter Grassland sent to the dairy farmers it is dropping indicated that it would stop purchasing their milk as of May 1.

Farms in NY and Minnesota were also affected by the change.


“Our focus has been on the farms being impacted”, he said. In an interview with Reuters, Trump also said that his job was harder than he first imagined.

Minnesota dairies keep Wisconsin buyer after all