A ‘fearless girl’ stands up to Wall Street’s famous bull


International Women’s Day has been marked on Wall Street with a stature of a young girl.

Boston’s State Street Corporation is celebrating International Women’s Day with a mascot for the striking women everywhere: a statue of a “fearless girl” on Wall Street. The young girl says soft and sensitive equals strong and capable, she said.

As State Street puts it, “We wanted to highlight the power of women in leadership”. The work was completed in two months. But, unlike the bull, the firm discussed it with the city beforehand so that it could remain at least temporarily.

In that interview, Visbal said she finds inspiration in many settings, including the location of her studio, hidden away among the green vines and large trees at the vineyards.

The new statue already seems to be captivating tourists and passers-by in New York’s financial district.

The statue was created by artist Kristen Visbal, who told The Wall Street Journal, “I see it as a piece that every woman can and should relate to”.

The firm noted that women have made some headway in corporate America, according to Reuters. Signer Katie Kaczmarski wrote “more public displays of fearless girls = more fearless women”.

A camera man films a statue of a girl facing the Wall St.

What do you think of the statue? So far, more than 100 users have heeded her call.

The mayor’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Almost three decades later, on March 7, New Yorkers woke to find that the iconic “Charging Bull” of lower Manhattan has company: A defiant young girl, feet planted firm with arms akimbo.

It’s an impressive structure, placed illegally on the small park’s cobblestones after the market crash of 1987, to bolster the spirits of traders and to show a defiant American spirit. Unlike SSGA, he did not have a permit for the statue, and it was removed by police.


“From there, it’s up to NY!” the spokesperson added. “As a long-term investor we have the power of our vote and the power of engagement with those companies to really evaluate how their board is composed, refreshed, and organized”. A plaque in front of this statue says that she makes a difference. According to BBC, just three of its 11 board members are women.

Charging Bull has new company in a bronze statue of a young girl — a symbol for women's place on Wall Street